walk: all at once

A post about God’s love and continual grace throughout my walk with him.

I watched The Descendants the other day. And although I cannot exactly condone the film due to its constant brash language, I did procure an interesting thought from the movie. As my beautiful roommate once told me, “Life happens all at once.” So it’s not just that your wife is dying, or that your family is feuding, or that your daughter is rebelling, or that a huge decision is placed on your shoulders. It’s all of these things at once. Or, in my case, I’m finishing a cross country road trip, singing in my cousin’s wedding, saying goodbye to my boyfriend while he studies at Oxford all semester, applying to graduate schools, and taking a summer class. It’s not just one of these things, but all of them.

My roommate and I wondered why life couldn’t happen one thing at a time, so that each event and decision could be given full attention and enjoyment. I would love to simply be singing at my cousin’s wedding without trying to sniffle down tears shed for my traveling boyfriend, and enjoy a road trip with my family without having to stress over future decisions. Why everything at once?

I’m still not completely sure why, but there’s something very beautiful about that. Maybe there are too many experiences that God has in store for me to limit me to only one at a time. Or maybe, if life were to happen one thing at a time, I would harbor a disillusion about being in control. I’ve found that it’s at the times when I am most overwhelmed that I seek the Lord most fervently. No matter how many times I pray for peace and rest from the busyness of life, I’ve never felt farther from God than when my life is relatively “peaceful.”

So maybe it’s not the craziness of life. Maybe it’s the love of God.


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