walk: wanna-be-hipster

A post about God’s love and continual grace throughout my walk with him.

I have a secret desire to be a hipster. Okay, well maybe it’s not so secret. If my no-makeup summer, cross country road trip attire, and Yeah I Know I’m Not Hipster pinterest board don’t make that obvious, this post will.

But, I’ve learned that there are two tell-tale signs that someone will never be a hipster:

1. If they want to be a hipster.

2. If they use the word “hipster.”

Clearly, I am guilty of both. This of course does not deter me from trying to act like a hipster whenever the opportunity presents itself. This especially comes into play when combined with my deep love of music.

I have a dear friend named Caleb who is uncannily good at predicting which artist is next to make it to the Top 40. Many many years ago, he introduced me to Owl City, Mumford & Sons, and NEEDTOBREATHE. At the time, no one else I knew had heard of any of them.

The next year, Owl City became an instant hit after their song, Hot Air Balloon, was an iTunes free song of the week. The year after that, Mumford & Sons songs started playing on the radio. And the year after that, NEEDTOBREATHE toured with Taylor Swift and gained millions of new fans.

Through it all, I knew that as a wanna-be-hipster, I should loathe the fact that the public discovered my favorite bands, and should therefore refuse to listen to any of my beloved artists ever again. But I am, after all, a selfish creature, and could not bear the thought of never again letting the words of Washed by the Water or the haunting melody of White Blank Page lull me to sleep, so I chose a new tactic. As everyone reveled in these seemingly “new” tunes, I made sure that all of my friends knew that I had heard of them LONG before they were popular. I made it clear that I was definitely NOT following the trends of society, but rather was amused that it had taken so long for the public to catch up with my musical taste.

Months later, I visited with Caleb and asked him what he thought of these artists becoming mainstream. Expecting him to boast about his predictions coming true, I was surprised to see him smile and say, “Oh, I couldn’t be happier for them! They’ve been trying so hard to get their music out and make ends meet… I’m just glad they finally went big so they can keep doing what they love!”

At that moment, nothing could have humbled me more. Here I was, holding onto my pride, and Caleb, who had more reason than anyone to be arrogant about his musical discoveries, was only happy for the success of these artists that he had never met, artists who would never even know his name. In that moment, God used Caleb to reveal my self-centered heart, and gave me a tiny glimpse of what true selflessness looks like.

So the next time that I feel embarrassed to be caught listening to Mumford & Sons, NEEDTOBREATHE, or Fun. (who–gasp!–I actually discovered along with everyone else, despite the fact that The Format was around for so long), I’ll remember Caleb and his humility. Maybe I’ll even start a new hipster trend, where it’s cool to like SOME mainstream music. Because, let’s be honest, I can’t give up my attempt to be a hipster altogether. I like hummus too much.

PS: My own prediction on who’s next to make it big? Abe Parker. You should totally check his stuff out.


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