love: the lumineers

A post about the people, places, and inspiration I love.

I’ve always lived in southeastern Kentucky, where the creeks are cool, the woods are plentiful, the hollers are deep, and the people are family. Now, I split my time between there and a small little town in central Kentucky with only two traffic lights within the city limits. In both of these places, everyone knows everybody, and not a day goes by where you don’t find a basket of vegetables on your porch, or enjoy a campfire with friends, or go creeking in the heat of the afternoon. It’s common knowledge that the Root Beer Stand is the only place that will satisfy after-dinner cravings, and every Friday night belongs to high school football games.

I love big cities, and I love the possibilities that technology opens up for the future. But I will never stop believing in small towns. It is only here–where kids grow up making forts in the woods, and old men sit on back porch rockers smoking their pipes and talking politics–where people are more important than holding grudges, and integrity is valued over personal gain.

One part of living in the hills that I could never fully appreciate, however, was country music. In fact, I refuse to listen to the stuff unless it’s summer, and only then because it makes me feel closer to my Kentucky roots. Well this summer, as I listened to one of my town’s 15 country music radio stations, I discovered a new band that instantly stole my heart. They are Kentucky’s Mumford & Sons, with honest lyrics and melodies that come straight from gravel roads and the boondocks. This band is called The Lumineers.

With as little as I know about them, I shouldn’t be suggesting them to others yet. After all, they could be immoral city-born wanna-be bluegrass singers. I love them so much that I can’t hold it in any longer though! So with that in mind, I strongly urge you to listen to their music. Go pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, sit on the porch swing, and let them remind you why you love a little bit of country music in the summer.


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