love: my family

A post about the people, places, and inspiration I love.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my family? Seriously, they’re the best. Being away at college has reminded me how much I love them and miss them. So, to honor the fact that I have too much homework tonight to write a long post, and the fact that I am missing my family immensely, here’s a little slideshow of the members of my family. Maybe you’ll see why I miss them so much!

My beautiful sister Whitney and her boyfriend Tyler.


Oh, and their dog Duke.


My artistic sister, Jordan.


My athletic sister Landry.


My sweet sister Brooklyn (this is actually an older picture, but I couldn’t find one from recently).


My daredevil brother Shane.


My fabulous parents who raised us all…


And then there’s me.


And my devilishly handsome boyfriend…


Isn’t my family wonderful??? I can’t get enough of them!

PS: I also just upgraded to Lion on my MacBook Pro, which allows me to post pictures now. Prepare yourselves for many many more!


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