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A post about the events of my daily life.

I love to be inspired. I was that kid who, after watching The Lion King, would prowl around the house on hands and knees, searching for some piece of furniture that even remotely resembled Pride Rock so that I could crawl on top of it with my beanie baby clutched in my mouth. When I first witnessed the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, I was found later using my desktop as a balance beam and the coat racks in my closet as parallel bars. Shortly thereafter, I began taking gymnastic lessons. Not only do I love to be inspired, I am easily inspired.

I give you all of this background information to preface what I am about to show you: my current inspiration. These are the Lion Kings and Kerri Strugs of my college years, that have kept my right brain alive while my left brain struggles over countless hours of homework and projects. My hope is that you might find inspiration, or at least a little bit of delight, in these websites as well (ps: click on the pictures to be taken to the sites they represent).


This blog belongs to a good friend of mine who is an inspiration even (and mostly) apart from this website. Although she hasn’t posted anything in a while (if you’re reading this, Kelcie, that’s a not-so-subtle hint to start posting again), she shares from a range of topics including (but not limited to) fashion, shopping, cooking, poetry, art, soul-searching, theology, movies, books, music, and friendship. Whenever I want to discover a new band, create an inspired outfit from my thrift-store wardrobe, or think about the deeper things in life, I just hop onto her blog and skim through the past months of posts. What’s more, I can testify that she is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog!


Last summer I discovered my obsession with blogs, and since none of my friends posted nearly enough to satisfy my constant craving for blog posts, I began scouring all of my Facebook friends’ pages for blog links. As we all know, Facebook friends do not equal real life friends. Which means, I am sadly not real life friends with Hannah, the writer of this blog. My connection with her is actually to the third degree (boyfriend’s best friend’s sister, or something like that). All that to say, I wish I knew her better, and you will too once you read her blog. Everything about it is aesthetically pleasing, inspiring, and artistic. As you read her blog you will envy her travels, deeply enjoy her love of art and photography, laugh at her crazy adventures, and feel real hunger during her cooking experiences. I realize as I’m writing this that I’m butchering what should be a lovely description of her blog. So instead of reading this, read hers.


Before you start judging me, hear me out. I read an article once that said how much healthier Pinterest is than Facebook or Twitter, because it is externally focused. Or something like that. Basically I have used that article to support my Pinterest addiction ever since I read it. The reason I am mentioning it here is because it is a compilation of everything that I have found inspiring: vacation destinations, home decor, photography, and people.


I don’t even know how to define this site. It’s French. It’s music. It’s improv. It’s art. There are thousands of videos of obscure and no-longer-obscure artists who wander around city streets making beautiful music. Jason Mraz, Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver… the list is endless. Listen and be inspired.


This is a new discovery for me, meaning that I was introduced to this today. However, I’m already in love. This online magazine displays hundreds of Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. Although most of the items are overpriced, it’s a good place to start to generate ideas and inspiration. It also has links to dozens of other inspirational blogs.

There are more websites that are inspiring to me, but I will have to save them for another post, since this one is getting too long and I’ve procrastinated on my homework long enough. I hope you find them as inspirational as I have!


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