live: senior showcase

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I have been a member of class cabinet at Asbury all four years of college, and I have absolutely loved it. Though it is often crazy and overwhelming and emotional, I wouldn’t trade my experience as a student leader for anything. With a group of other devoted Awakened class members, I have helped plan all of our class events, such as the Mr. GQ contest, class retreats, formal dances, class picnics, and more recently Senior Showcase.

For almost a month I poured 40+ hour work weeks into planning this event and a few others, in addition to studying for my 18 credit hour classes and working in the training room almost 10 hours a week. There were a few particularly busy days where I don’t think I cleaned my room, did my laundry, or showered at all. So, with a shout-out to my roommates who didn’t disown me, my professors who didn’t fail me, my boss who didn’t fire me, my boyfriend who didn’t dump me, and my God who didn’t leave me, I would like to share with you a short blog post that a junior here at Asbury wrote about this year’s Senior Showcase. It touches my heart that after so much time thrown into one event, there are people watching who recognize the hard work and raw emotion that was necessary for it to all come together. So please, read Caleb’s blog post here. I hope you appreciate his honesty and personable writing style as much as I do!


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